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"I have been interested in the paranormal since I was a kid. I guess you could say my interest piqued when I was in college. I had just moved into a house and activity started immediately. It all seemed to be associated with one room on the second floor: my room. Banging, knocking, and strange shadows, it was obvious to me at that point that we are not always alone. I am excited to be a part of SPECS to finally get the opportunity to investigate in a scientific professional manner and hopefully get answers to some of my questions that began the day I moved into that house."


" Unlike most paranormal investigators I cannot say that I grew up in a haunted house, although I can say that when I was younger, I did live in a house where I was scared to death of going into the basement. Every time I had to, I felt like I was never alone in there and that someone or something that wanted me to get out, which I would, and in a hurry too. It felt like some kind rush but numbed me from head to toe. At the time I was too young to understand what it was that I was feeling. Now that I am older, I know what those feelings actually were, and now today, I absolutely crave having those same feeling and love when I get that same rush!!
I enjoy being able to be part of a team of people who have different ways of communicating with the paranormal and learning from them. This allows us to help families who are looking for answers to what they also are experiencing, that is what I enjoy the most.
I treat every investigation as a learning experience. I just can't get enough. I look forward to learning everything I can about what we are possible of after we have crossed over."


"bio coming soon"


" My name is CeJay and unlike my friends I've never really had any paranormal experiences until I joined the team. I've always been curious of the occult a nd that went against my spiritual nature. Joining this team was a way I could have it both ways. I can fuel my curiosity and help people at the same time. Learning to use and practice cleansing and protection rituals from my native ancestors. U-ne-hla-nv s-gi-nv-wa-ga

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