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"Request For Investigation" Disclaimer

Filling out this form is your solemn agreement to this disclaimer and for the property to be submitted for investigation. You are giving SPECS permission to all areas of the premises unless otherwise indicated during your interview. SPECS vows to maintain the integrity of the property and its owners. In the instance that your property is deemed haunted, we are not responsible for libel, slander, or degradation of the property's value. We are not responsible for an entity's activities increasing or becoming more aggressive proceeding our investigations. SPECS cannot guarantee a resolve or complete cease in these activities. Our main objective is to determine and develop conclusions to the reasons for your experiences. During our research, we will be using our equipment, including digital cameras, to measure and record information. Private information such as the interior of your residence or business will be recorded and stored. Filling out this form is your acknowledgement of this.

It is imperative that all children and teenagers under 18 be absent from the residence. We also advise any persons who disagree with our means or methods be off the property to prevent them from impeding our activities. SPECS reserves the right to refuse any investigations under any circumstances.

In filling out this form, you are admitting to being over the age of 18, an owner of the residence, or having expressed permission from the owner of the residence.

Release of Liability Form

The owner of the property is responsible for signing the Release of Liability Form. This form relieves both parties of any responsibility in regards to the condition of the property and relieves the Signed of any responsibility in regards to injuries sustained on the property during the time of investigation. It is a strict requirement that this form be signed before any investigation takes place.

If you would like to download and sign the form, click here. Otherwise, the form will be provided to you on the day of your interview or the investigation.


Check this box if your situation requires immediate attention due to time sensitivity (busy environment, health issues, moving, etc.), children on the property, or someone experiencing extreme discomfort or trauma. Your case will be treated with highest priority.

* = required information
Relative/Friend of the Above
1 (mild, occurring rarely)
2 (objects moving, sounds)
3 (disembodied voices, apparitions)
4 (severe trauma)
Moving objects
Disembodied voices
Touching / physical sensations
Bodily harm (scratches, shoving, etc.)
Persistent nightmares / sleep paralysis
Nausea / Illnesses
Plagues (flies, roaches, birds)
Full-body apparitions (identifiable faces)
Phantom or unknown smells/scents
Possessions / history of possessions
Has caused an animal/human death
Neutral / Unknown
Both (may be more than one entity)

Checking this box indicates that you do not want media of your case to appear on this website. Checking this box also means that the conclusion of whether or not the property is haunted will be kept under strict confidentiality. Please note that by default, all media from cases are open to the public and sensitive information such as property address and names are kept confidential. Also, all faces of residents are blurred or removed.