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Photos of the Property

Investigation Summary

How could we pass up this gem in the heartland with being only 20 minutes away for the previous nights investigation in Newton IA.

Activity started almost immediately after we walked through the door. During the walk through with the building handy man I was touched in what is know as the "high emf room". Another one of our investigators was touched at a later point in the night while leaving the principals office. Activity was however sporadic. While we did catch a few evp's, we had to throw out many sounds that we heard as possible contamination from outside as there was a major winter storm rolling through that night and the wind was howling.

Evidence posted below. In the video you will hear our investigator commenting on the high emf levels in the room. Listen as he says 2.3 and you will hear a whisper in the back ground. (Headphones recommended)

Photographic Evidence

No evidence.

Audio Evidence [EVPs]

No evidence.

Video Evidence

It is through our professional opinion that we have deemed this property: