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Photos of the Property

No property photos.

Investigation Summary

SPECS was called in to investigate a small engine repair shop located in Lincoln, NE. Come of the claims reported were breathy exhales, objects flying off shelves, footsteps and door handles rattling on their own.

Almost immediately after we set up our equipment we received a response through our spirit box. These seemingly intelligent, yet sporadic, responses continued throughout the night. Eager to review our evidence we began combing through the footage and audio evidence we had collected over the night. What we caught was arguably our best ever EVP response of a girl moaning in agony. Unfortunately, I lost the original video due to my computer being hacked but I was able to take a pretty good copy with my iPhone video recorder before I totally lost the footage. You will hear two distinct moans in the below video, which is sideways due to the iPhone video I recorded.

Photographic Evidence

No evidence.

Audio Evidence [EVPs]

No evidence.

Video Evidence

No evidence.

It is through our professional opinion that we have deemed this property: