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Photos of the Property

No property photos.

Investigation Summary

Specs was called in to investigate a private farm residence on Oct 19th 2013. This particular residence has been in the family for over 150 years. Many generations of this family have reported seeing a child apparition of a little girl in various locations on the property. Specs came in with the intention of trying to get this family some answers. We were pleasantly surprised with the evidence we gathered. We were able to document very clear, very loud boot steps in the house when no one was in there. Additionally we received the name Hazel 3 times through our spirit box. After talking to the family and them researching, it was discovered that the best friend of the little girl who passed away on the property of pneumonia was named Hazel. We believe this is the apparition that has been seen on the property.

Photographic Evidence

No evidence.

Audio Evidence [EVPs]

Video Evidence

No evidence.

It is through our professional opinion that we have deemed this property: