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Photos of the Property

No property photos.

Investigation Summary

This investigation took place at a large residence in a wooded area within Springfield, Nebraska. The clients claimed to have mysterious occurrences within the residence, usually of the benevolent variety.

Our team established infrared cameras throughout the residence, conducted a ghost box session which yielded interesting EVPs, and thoroughly blanketed the property with team members from basement to the upper floor. The overall feel of the property was relaxed and calm with no tangible changes in energy during our walk-through.

During one of our ghost box sessions, a noticeable shift in energy and temperature occurred. An entity came forward over the ghost box and was able to intelligently respond to questions. The clients and the team believe this energy was a friend of one of the clients who had passed from stomach cancer. He confirmed it by correctly answering how he passed. (See audio evidence below.)

We captured a windchime upstairs slowly rotating over a period time and then ceasing. This windchime was not affected by a vent or any air current; however, we cannot conclude this to positively be paranormal forces at play. We also captured an unidentifiable sound in the laundry room where an item seemed to fall. This item was not recovered, and we could not determine the source of the sound.

In conclusion, we believe that the spirits of the friends of the clients have been performing regular visits at this residence. Their interactions are benign, and therefore, we did not advise the client further.

Photographic Evidence

No evidence.

Audio Evidence [EVPs]

No evidence.

Video Evidence

No evidence.

It is through our professional opinion that we have deemed this property: