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Photos of the Property

Investigation Summary

We were requested to travel to Gladstone, North Dakota to perform an investigation inside what was once Gladstone School, a small, multi-level property with a felted basketball court, a stage, a boiler room, a library, and two classrooms.

There were several reports from the owner and her children of mischievous and sometimes malevolent behavior from an unknown entity. This included mysterious conversations in the middle of the night on the upper floor and several instances of people being pushed or held down in their sleep. The activity was enough to convince the owner and her children to evacuate the property until the issues could be resolved.

Despite thorough investigation, very little evidence was obtained to confirm the events claimed from the owner. The team slept on the gym floor overnight with no disturbances. Our motion detector did sound off once in the night, but our findings were inconclusive.

Photographic Evidence

No evidence.

Audio Evidence [EVPs]

Video Evidence

No evidence.

It is through our professional opinion that we have deemed this property: