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About Equipment

Scientific Paranormal Examinations & Case Studies

We are a paranormal investigation team with the perfect balance of skeptics and believers. Our objective is to aid individuals, families, and businesses by providing our research abilities at no charge, thus granting them peace of mind. We do not discriminate, and we hope to be a helpful resource for worried victims of unexplained phenomena. Our rigorous examinations and procedures are strictly scientific so as to keep our evidence as definable as possible.

What areas does SPECS serve?
Currently, we are branching from our team's headquarters in Omaha to Iowa and South Dakota.

Do I have to pay?
No, SPECS is here to assist you with no charge.

What can I expect before an investigation?
Before the investigation even begins, we need you to fill out a Request for Investigation form and a Release From Liability form. From there, we will contact you and schedule an interview.

What happens during the interview?
We prefer to meet you in person and tour the property, but if the circumstances aren't ideal, we can absolutely perform an interview over the phone or e-mail. We will ask you questions to get the best picture of your situation, so it is preferred that you present us pictures and videos that demonstrate the activities you have in your house. Blog posts, tweets, and Youtube videos of these events are also acceptable for reviewing. During your interview, you may also be filmed so that we may reference your interview in the future. This footage will not be displayed publicly.

How do I prepare for an investigation?
If you have pets, the arrival of a group of strangers may disturb them. It is advised that you have someone petsit them that night off of the property. If that's not possible, putting them away in a bathroom (with a sign on the door label 'PET INSIDE, DO NOT OPEN') or kennel during the investigation is a good idea. We'd prefer all kids and teens under 18 to also be off the property, as well as any individuals who aren't keen on our activities. Make sure the floors are free of hazards, as we are walking around in the pitch darkness. Any valuables or objects that risk being broken should be kept out of reach to prevent them from being broken or knocked over during our set-up stage. We do try to be extra careful, but these things happen.

Make sure anything you don't want us or the cameras to see is not out and about, including personal mail, embarrassing photos, and dirty underwear.

What happens during the investigation?
Following the interview, a date is set to do an investigation. We will arrive in the evening to set up our equipment before sundown. Our night vision cameras will be positioned and our cables laid throughout the house, so it's adamant that everyone is careful where they are stepping. After we set up, we will do a quick briefing and establish where everyone will be and then begin our investigation. The length of every investigation varies. At the end of our investigation, we will collect our team, debrief, and begin shutting everything down and putting away our equipment. Ideally, it should be like we were never even there.

During this process, it's easier if the residents are absent from the house; but if you would like to stay, you are most welcome to join or watch us.

What happens after the investigation?
The following days are spent reviewing the hours of audio and video. It is a very time consuming process, and we appreciate your patience. When all of our evidence is reviewed and organized, we will contact you to schedule a date to meet and reveal the evidence. If no conclusion is made regarding whether or not the property is haunted, a simple phone call may be all it takes.

Can I join SPECS?
If you think you've got what it takes, something to offer the team, a thirst for adventure, and time on your hands, we are looking for you! Head over to our team form to get ahold of us.

If you're looking to write a story on SPECS or interview our team, check out our presskit page.


As a research team, it is our priority to obtain high-quality evidence. Our collection of professional equipment ensures that we always have a spectrum of methods to measure and record data. With these tools, we can present to you our results with confidence.

DVR System
A 4-channel DVR system with 4 nightvision cameras allows us the ability to see up to 65 feet in complete darkness. Additionally, the DVR system allows us to view footage live on our 23 inch LCD monitor. The DVR system also has a live playback feature allowing us to instantly review footage in real time.

8-Channel Full 1080p HD DVR System
A 4-channel 8-Channel Full 1080p HD NVR, 2TB security grade hard drive, 4 x Full HD PoE Network Cameras, 4 x 100ft Cat5 Ethernet Cable. This advanced system includes 4 top-of-the-line HD 1080p bullet network cameras. These feature-rich cameras are completely Powered over Ethernet with a simple 100ft all-in-one video and power cable connection.

Mel Meter
This is a multi purpose device. The purpose of shadow detection feature is to measure very subtle light contrast variations and convert the changes into audible tones that your ears can easily discern. When a contrast variation occurs between the LED illumination source and the Mel-SDD, the audible tones will be heard. Ascending tones for light increase and descending tones for light decrease. In addition to detecting AC/DC EMF & Temperature changes in the environment, the REM feature also uses a mini telescopic antenna to radiate its own independent magnetic Field around the instrument. This EM field can be easily influenced by materials and objects that conduct electricity.

The Mel Meter was developed by Gary Galka who aspired to contact his deceased daughter Melissa when she tragically passed.

Laser Grid Pen
This high-powered laser that emits a grid of green dots. Useful for detecting shadows or general visual disturbances during an investigation. It can be set it in front of a running camera to catch potential evidence.

K2 Meter
This device is designed to detect fluctuations in electro magnetic fields, which ghosts are said to be able to manipulate.

Digital Voice Recorder
Digital voice recorders are used to capture electronic voice phonomenas or EVP's. Essentially, an EVP is unexplained sounds, noises and, most often, words that are interpreted to be a recording of a "ghost voice". Electronic voice phenomena falls within the broader catergory of Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC) where a ghost or spirit uses a device or instrument to communicate with the living.

Night Vision Camera
This Bell & Howell 1080p Full HD Video camcorder has Infrared Night Vision, a 16 MP Max Digital Camera, and Motion + Night Detection. We use this device as our eyes at night. It is carried around and used to document any evidence that may be captured during in an investigation.

EMF Pump
This device instantly produces a high amount of electromagnetic energy which ghosts are believed to use to communicate and manifest. It's usefulness lies in feeding ghosts the resources they would need during our investigations to interact with us.

Thermal Imager
A thermal camera is a must-have tool in the arsenal of any ghost hunter. These cameras record the infrared portion of the light spectrum. The thermographic camera will show variation in infrared radiation, known as an object's heat signature. Finding a heat signature in an unexpected location can be compelling proof of ghosts. Thermal cameras function in both light and darkness as they are not dependent upon the visible portion of the light spectrum, so they work well in any ghost hunting environment. Additionally, IR cameras prove useful in detecting false positives. For example, locating window drafts and or other cold spots related to poorly insulated walls that might have otherwise been attributed to paranormal activity.

SB7 Ghost Box
The SB7 utilizes a millisecond, adjustable forward or reverse frequency "sweep" technique coupled with a high frequency synthetic noise or "white noise" distributed between frequency steps. When used properly and under certain circumstances, the SB7 will provide results similar to that of an EVP recorder but in real time.

Sony HDR Sr10 Full 1080 High Definition
This camera is a lens-modified camera. The infrared blocking lens is removed. It will shoot infrared in normal mode and has working nightshot for night time usage.

Waterproof DVR Micro Digital Video Recorder
The X-DVR-XP is the only extended performance all weather micro DVR that is 100% compatible with virtually all thermal infrared imaging systems. The XDVR is capable of recording any analog video stream that you connect to its waterproof video input connector. It can also record live video and audio with its included CCTV camera module. Once recorded the video can be downloaded to a computer, saved on a memory card, played back on the unit or played back on a TV with the video output interface.

Nikon Cool Pix 5400 Full Spectrum Camera
This camera has been modified so that is permanently sees in infrared, visible, and ultraviolet light spectrums all the time. The camera takes photos in daylight, dusk, with the flash in an enclosed area, or with the aid of infrared, ultraviolet, full spectrum, or wide spectrum lighting in darkness if no other light is available. Standard incandescent light or the camera’s flash will also work because they contain the IR and UV spectrums of light.

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